Floodlight setup at new house with 2 lights on same circuit

Hi everybody!

User of a Ring doorbell adding a floodlight w/cam to the house. I have physically installed it and am no electrician, but a good husband who knows when he’s about to step in stupid (years of training required to achieve this level).

So I have two lights on the same circuit - the floodlight which replaced an old school motion sensor floodlight and the boat-style light. In other words, if I turn the lights on they both go on. Pic attached.

But if I turn the switch off I lose the floodlight completely as it has no more power. So correct me if I’m wrong but I guess I need to leave the switch permanently to on for El Floodlighto to operate normally. I can do that, I would replace the navy-style dumb dumb light (which is unsightly) with a light with a motion sensor + dusk-dawn operation that way I don’t have a light permanently on in the 'yarrrrrd (pirate hangout - here is an example of said light).

Do I have this right or do I need to remove foot from mouth (again)?


Hi @JPHebert. You are correct in the assumption that you will need to keep the switch on in order for the Floodlight Cam to stay on and working, as it needs to have constant power to the device to be working. I recommend doing what you have planned and getting something else to replace the other light so that way you can always keep that switch on. :slight_smile: