Floodlight schedule not working

We have had a problem with our floodlight for over a month. I’ve even spoken to a customer tech at Ring. We have the lights scheduled to come on at 5 pm, turn off at 7 am. The lights will turn on at 4 pm, shut off at 6 am. We’ve adjusted the time in the app, saved it and it still does not work. We’ve reset the light according to the Ring representative, reset it through the wired switch and have even removed the app from our phones and then added it again. I’m not sure if there’s a problem with the light/camera or if there’s a problem with the app, which my husband thinks. We have had this camera/light for a year and never had a problem before.


Hi @jbc976, have you tried deleting the Ring app and reinstalling it? I recommend to give that a try, re-set the light schedule so that it turns on/off at the desired time, and observe it’s behavior. Let me know what happens!

Yes we have deleted the app and reinstalled it. We have tried everything that Ring suggested. Nothing has helped.

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I have fixed the problem but I am not happy with this solution. I have now scheduled the light to turn on at 6 pm and shut off at 8 am. This has helped with getting the lights to turn on at 5pm and shut off at 7am. Why do I have to move the scheduled time up by an hour? My city and state are entered into my profile correct but some how the scheduling has me in a different time zone.

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I can’t get mine to come on at all according to the schedule. Motion , they will come on…schedule…nope. Not happy!!!


Try disabling the motion setting to turn on the lights. Maybe the regular schedule that you set up will work.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll give it a try. But that part…turning on with motion …is a great feature and really …they both should work.


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Yes, you are right in saying they should work with the motion as well.

I think “Ring” needs to do some work on getting the flaws figured out. You and I are not the only ones who have had problems with the light schedules.


You should not have to delete the app and reinstall. All software errors or hardware errors are human error. It was created by human and the software was written by a human. So Ring should make updates and we should be getting automatic upgrades just like an iPhone does. This software should be troubleshooted constantly searching for software bugs. Yes, my time schedule is not working correctly. Perhaps we need to tweet about ring. Tweeting seems to get their attention. I don’t want new hardware, I want the software to work. If you’ve installed the inappropriate hardware it simply sucks having to climb ladders to remove flood lights over a garage because of ones lack of testing or having to push a reset button. Opinions from an ex programmer and one who has had rotator cuff surgery 4 months ago. I shouldn’t have to wake up around the clock to check that my ring video flood lights are on. I also would like to see an option to select a full week time schedule at different times. After all, the idea is not to be consistent.
This ex programmer, after 10yrs, works in public safety, 25+yrs. Lets see RING be accountable by constant maintaining the dependability of all products. You create the commercial follow through. I have 3 ring video flood lights and a ring video doorbell.


Well said. I think Ring has a LOT to answer for. And you are right. We all need to be tweeting. Had I known all the app issues, etc., I would NOT have spent $1,400 on Ring devices and installations.

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I’ve got 3 flood and 2 stick up cams. Ring Works better than my nest indoor video/cam. When it goes dark Ring still shows what’s going on. My nest is set to auto to change when it gets dark…Nest goes black. I see nothing only a nite light. Defeats the purpose if I have to turn a light on. Ring?
My Nest opinion is teetering ???.

Our first floodlight cam worked great until it somehow got water in it. Ring sent us another as it was u see warranty. Just went to set it up and it was a complete cluster. I bought a chime pro as an extender just in case. Took 1 hour with help to finally connect to WiFi after the nice rep did something on her end. I then connected it to the chime pro & it started working better. Lights went off this am at scheduled time. Tonight- nothing. Lights would not come on with schedule. They come on with manual on/off but that is a pain. Last year I had a similar problem for a short period of time and was told it must be my WiFi connection. I called back and another rep told me it was a programming issue they were working on. This is ridiculous that this part of the app consistently does not work with updates! Would love my lights to come on when I set them and off when I set them.

This question might already have been answered but I can not find it. We have a floodlight camera fixed on our back patio. Now that the temps are getting warmer, we find ourselves outside in the evenings either at the fire pit or around our patio table. Our floodlight camera always turns on because its dark outside (like it should) is there a way to set a schedule so that it does not turn on at night without manually going into the app each time or hitting the breaker? We essentially want to just sit outside in the evenings without the lights coming on if we move but then after say, 11pm, the light/camera functions as normal.

I spoke with Ring and they said that the scheduling should be able to do that but when I do set a schedule, the light stays on during that time and not the opposite. I do not think they understood my question so if anyone has had success with this, please let me know, thank you!

Hi @jpzelasko. Setting up a Light Schedule will enable you to determine wether your lights stay on, or off, during the selected schedule. You can learn more about Light Schedules here. If you find that your camera is not behaving according to these schedules, please follow up with our support team so they can look into this for you.