Floodlight Pro Wired - Nighttime Image in Black and White during Rain

So I have recently installed my Ring Wired Pro Floodlight. It has been flawless for the first 6 days. Today we had rain where I am. During the day the camera still worked fine. Tonight, it appears as iff the image comes through in grayscale (expect for my side garage lights, that come through yellowish). If I activate the floodlight, the color re-appears.

Any thoughts on why?

Here is how it appears with Floodlight ON

And finally, here is how it appears shortly after turning Floodlight OFF…and how i’d expect it to remain…but it degrades again to the first image post. The lighting you see is the two side lights of my garage that illuminate the space

Hi @MishMash. Do you have Color Night Vision enabled under the Device Settings > Video Settings? Color Night Vision adds some color in low light situations in an attempt to improve clarity and motion detection. This could be causing that slightly yellow hue you’re seeing, so I’d recommend checking and disabling it since you seem to have adequate lighting near the Floodlight to easily see what is happening at night.