FloodLight Pro Washed out Picture

Hello, I just recently swapped my driveway floodlight to the new Floodlight Pro model and the picture is absolutly horrible compared to the original floodlight. I have tried changing every setting to match my other floodlights, but the new Pro is just always washed out looking during the day. I have uploaded what the pro looks like versus one of my original floodlights. Its a night and day color difference. You cant tell me its exposure because in this picture the sun is not hitting either camera yet and the old driveway floodlight looked the same as the Garage Front camera currently does.

Garage Front Floodlight (original non Pro model)

Hi @Connors1229. I was able to find this Community post where another neighbor has a similar concern. There are comments that mention what other neighbors had to do to remedy this. I hope this helps.

So I put my Original Flood Light Cam back up and you can see the picture is not blown out/washed out. It is not as sunny out, but you can clearly tell there is something wrong with the contrast on the new Plus and Pro Floodlights. Going to keep buying the original floodlight cameras as long as I can I guess.