Floodlight Pro Video Playback is Double Speed

I have 3 floodlight cameras and one doorbell camera at different points on my house and varying distances from my home router. For 2 years they’ve all worked relatively fine but a few months ago one camera started exhibiting issues with video quality and playback speed. The RSSI is consistently in the 40’s (currently RSSI-46) but when I watch a live event, the playback speed is as though I’ve somehow pushed fast forward. To be clear, I am not mistaking this issue for snapshot views. My camera picks up motion, for example, when I am mowing the lawn, and when I watch it back, it is displayed at twice the speed even though the seconds on the video are incrementing at a normal rate. No other camera has this issue and the camera isn’t in a position where it would be exposed to the elements. I’ve rebooted the camera several times, checked for updates, stood on a ladder to hard reset it, all to no avail. I’ve seen this asked and answered several times and I keep seeing it dismissed as poor network strength or otherwise, but as I said I have several cameras, at least one that’s much farther from my router, and they have never experienced a similar issue. There was an event the other day and all that I could catch was a glimpse of something leaving the frame because I could not slow down the video.

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Hi @user39125. Checking the signal strength and performing a reboot and reset are good troubleshooting steps to try. Would you mind sharing an example of this sped-up video recording? This would give me a clearer idea of what you’re seeing on your end.

I see the same issue with my floodlight cam wired pro. RSSI is -50 and while viewing live, seems normal. However, recorded events seem to be running at x2 (or x3) speeds and towards the end of the video clip (live view), the motion seems to freeze altogether after about 10 seconds (looking at trees moving in the wind).
Playback of a live view seems to start ok, normal speed, but sometimes it speeds up part way through. Other times, live view playback plays at normal speed.
But, motion recorded events always seem to play at about x2 speed, and the seconds displayed in the video shows the x2 speed as well
I’ve done reboots, no change. Have installed wifi extender but will try to move it to see if there is any difference (not likely). My internet speed is 100/100 Mbps, so 100Mbps upload is not an issue.

My floodlight cam wired Plus (V3) does not have this issue, all recorded videos play back at normal speeds. The Plus even has a weaker RSSI (-60), and performs better than the Pro. Has to be a problem with the Pro or its firmware.

Issue is resolved. Called Ring support and provided captured video, which ran fast and was pixelated. They sent replacement unit, which now records and runs as it should. Old unit was defective, somehow.

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Hi @sagor. I am glad to hear our support team was able to resolve your concern! :slightly_smiling_face: