Floodlight pro phone alerts?

Hi all,

I just bought and installed four Ring flood light camera pro systems on my home. Thus far everything appears to be working properly including camera synchronization, motion detection, bird’s-eye view, etc.
However I have noticed that when the system detects motion at night, and turns on the lights and begins recording, the only alert I get on my phone is my phone’s normal notification sound. I have a Samsung Galaxy flip 4, and the sound is not enough to wake me up at night. I don’t see any settings in the Ring app where I can change this to an alarm that will actually wake me up at night. Additionally, looking through my phone it appears I can change the notification sound and volume for my phone but this changes it for ALL of my applications which would wake me up way too much at night.

Is there anway or any setting, I can change so my phone will alert and wake me up at night of the motion sensors detect someone on my property? Other than the systems setting off the outdoor siren on the floodlight itself, which will wake up the whole neighborhood.
Otherwise this system is kinda useless to me.

Hello? Anyone from support on here?

So it would appear posting on this forum and actually expecting help from Ring support is pointless?

Hi @DougD82. When posting during a holiday weekend, I can take a few days to get back to you. Notifications for the Ring app will mirror the settings on your phone. There is not a way to have Ring notifications very loud and others quiet. You can learn more about notifications here.

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