Floodlight Pro Night Image with "Snow" Distortion

Just had this cam a couple of days and at night the image has what looks like a snow storm or 100s of bugs swarming around the camera. In reality, there is nothing there!

I have rebooted device, fixed for a short while but reboot didnt help second time.

Hi @Pipbrit8. This is either dust or water reflecting off of the infrared lights.

If I stand by the camera, there is no dust or water vapor? I can wave my hands about too and it makes no difference to the interference.

I have tried to wipe the lens too, again makes no difference.

Hi @Pipbrit8. Although it’s difficult to determine with the 1 second clip, I can tell you from experience, seeing 1,000s of videos, that this is either dust, pollen, water vapor humidity, etc. It is almost impossible to see with the naked eye, but the infrared lights are able to see it using night vision.

My floodlight camera shows the same thing with night vision. It looks like a snow storm. But when I turn the light on it looks normal. The thing I don’t understand is that it had never looked like that before and now that’s all I see when it gets dark.

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