Floodlight Pro multiple recordings with continuous motion

Im getting multiple recordings and notifications for continuous motion. My recordings time is set to 60 seconds and if I’m on my deck for 30 minutes when i go back in my house I end up with 30 notifications of motion and 30 recordings! On my stick up camera i have a setting to end recording when motion ends but this doesn’t exist on the Floodlight Pro Wired. How can i fix this and get one recording and 1 notification if I have continuous motion longer then the record time?

Hi @ToyMaster. Try adjusting your Motion Frequency. You can learn more about this Feature here. This will help reduce or increase the amount of time in between recordings. I hope this helps.

I would love to but according to the instructions that option doesn’t exist on my camera, this seems to be a common theme that none of the advanced motion settings exist preventing me from fixing this

Hi @ToyMaster. My mistake, sorry about that. The Floodlight Cam utilizes Smart Alerts. You can also utilize Modes for Cameras to chose how your Camera behaves. Lastly, you can use the Motion Snooze feature to mute notifications for a specific amount of time.

Well none of these suggestions will work as why should i have to tell my camera I’m going outside and then tell it I’m back inside. All i want is any continuous motion to be in a single recording so i don’t end up with over 100 recordings and notifications is that so much to ask from a smart camera?

Hi @ToyMaster. Sorry to hear that none of these options work for you. If you have a better solution, we’d love to hear about it in our Feature Request Board. Sharing your idea here will allow other neighbors to vote for it and add interest to your request. Thanks neighbor.