Floodlight PRO camera waterlogged

My floodlight wired PRO’s camera completely filled with water today. I purchased and installed it 14 months ago, and it has worked well until today. The housing that mounts to the siding is bone-dry inside; it’s only the camera housing that filled with water.

I took the time to read some other water-related community posts in which the Ring representatives suggested contacting customer service immediately to get it resolved. So I did just that. I was just chatting with a representative who ended up telling me to “blow dry it to remove the moisture.” I explained that it’s still raining lightly and would not be smart to do that, and said this should not happen with such an expensive device. She then proceeded to thank me for being “the best part of Ring” and abruptly left/ended the chat.

Is this really the type of customer service they offer?! Completely unacceptable!!!

Hi @user59845. I’m sorry to hear about the potential damage to your Floodlight Cam. Our chat support is able to assist with most general concerns, but for a physical damage inquiry, I’d actually recommend calling one of the numbers here to get in touch with support. They will be able to fully address your concern and review any damage the water may have caused to your Floodlight Cam.