Floodlight plus motion lights not working

Hi. I recently purchased and installed hard-wired floodlight plus. I double checked the settings in the app, motion-activated lights is turned on. But when I approach towards the camera and get within the proximity, lights won’t turn on. Only way I can turn on the lights is to toggle the lights on, and push the button on the camera. But I will also have to turn off thru the app to actually turn off the lights. Anything I’m doing wrong? All the settings seem to be correct. Thank you

Hi @user82087. Are you testing this out during the day or at night? The lights should only come on when motion is detected at night. I’d also recommend checking under Device Settings > Light Settings > Motion Zones for Lights to ensure these zones have not been turned off by accident. You can also select Light Sensitivity under Light Settings to make the motion detection more sensitive if needed.