Floodlight Notifications Are Not Snoozing

I had to uninstall the app from my phone it was so annoying. Getting motion alarms all night even though I had motion alarms set to OFF. Ring App is written by people that are obviously first-year hacks and can’t code their way out of bug box.

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Update from Ring as of 1.29.2020:

Our development team will be releasing a fix for the Notification Snooze with the next Ring App version update.

This process may take some time, as we have our development team specifically taking a look into what you are experiencing. Please allow the team time to work on this, as some solutions may involve software updates, to which we do not frequently send to our devices. The development team will make fixes to different bugs and compile them together into an efficient update, which can take time. Even if it is not a software fix, the team takes the time to deep dive into the presented concerns and works diligently to figure out the best solution to resolve those concerns. We have to test every possible solution to ensure it not only resolves this current issue but continues to work for every neighbor that may have the potential to encounter this as well.

The update on 2.7.2020 seems to have fixed this issue for me. I can once again snooze from the dropdown notification on my Android device.

Yep looks to be working for me as well the past few days. Thanks Ring Support for fixing this.