Floodlight motion sensing can either too sensitive or misses major events

My Ring floodlight camera motion sensitivity settings either result in things like the shadows from the trees moving when the wind blows setting it off and sending constant notifications or, when turned down just one notch it will not notify us when cars pull into the driveway at night, even with the headlights on, and only about half the time when one pulls in during the day.

I know it’s sensing the motion because the lights come on and I will hear the motion warning play if I happen to be nearby. But no alert or notifications.

The main purpose of its placement is so I can monitor the driveway when we aren’t at home and at night, but the motion sensitivity slider bar only has 4 stops. It alerts to people in the driveway on both settings, but not vehicles.

What am I missing? Is it really a matter of choosing between false alerts all day long or not getting alerts when something as large as a car pulls into the motion zone?

I tried turning smart alerts on and that only resulted in even more missed vehicles during the day.

Hi @impsdlight. The steps you have taken to try and improve your motion detection were the steps I would have recommended. Since they have not worked, the next best step is to contact our support team for further assistance. They should be able to take a deeper dive into your concern.