Floodlight lights have mind of their own

I installed two floodlight cams a couple of months ago and since a couple of weeks after install the lights have minds of their own and disregard their schedule. Mainly I’ll check and or notice that the light isn’t on during a scheduled on time. This is very frustrating. The lights are either not coming on at the scheduled time or are going off randomly regardless of what the schedule tells them to do. Recently I also have motion alerts not being on when scheduled. This is just random and most nights everything works fine but some times it’s like the lights and motion alerts have minds of their own. I hope they fix this because it seems like it’s something that is probably the result of a firmware update but since they won’t let us see when anything is updated except you can see that it’s “up to date” which mine are I can’t associate this with the problem. But now that motion alerts are doing this same behaviors as the lights (disregarding the schedule) I’m seriously doubting my investment in these lights as I have anotherready to install and was going to order some more. I hope they fix this soon. It’s happening on two separate lights and one will behave as scheduled and the other may or may not and I can’t find anything that is common to both besides the behavior (they have different schedules for lights and motion alerts etc). I wish they would let us see a log of what’s happening with ones lights so maybe we could figure this out. Also when I notice the lights not on and I turn the lights on manually they don’t always go off at the scheduled time. It’s like it needs to cycle through a a complete off and on schedule or a entire day before they return to following the schedule which makes no sense to me. When I turned it on it wasn’t for a specific amount of time so I would think it would turn off the lights at the scheduled off time. If anyone has a fix please post. Thank you in advance.


Hi @Socrates99 , we appreciate hearing your experience and all the information you’ve shared with the Community including the details you shared in this Community post which seems to be the similar to the experience you shared here. It maybe best to delete this thread and add more detail to the other one, as it will help other neighbors to see all the relevant details related to this topic in one place.

I’m happy to delete the thread as I don’t wish to be duplicitous but I can’t seem to find anywhere to delete the thread. However I can unsubscribe, edit and other actions but no delete. Maybe I’m just missing the delete button. Can you tell me how to delete the thread?

On second thought I’m reconsidering deleting this thread as my reply to someone else’s message about their lights not following ones schedule is under a thread titled something like “Light schedule on pause” which sounds completely different from not following the prescribed schedule. I didn’t pause anything as that thread makes it sound like. I know when I read their thread that’s not what they are describing but it sounds like that when one reads the title so it seems possibly misleading as this is is not a “pause” problem. It’s a completely random problem which is not affected by anything we have done such as “pausing”.

There is a problem with the lights randomly going off, on, not going off, not coming on when scheduled and now scheduled motion alerts not always being followed as I sometimes find motion alerts not turned on during a scheduled “on” time. I don’t receive the motion alerts either when this happens (I thought perhaps maybe it was just incorrectly being reported in the app but they are really not on) which is what led me to look in the first place. I don’t mean to seem rude I’m just frustrated that everything was working and now it’s not across multiple devices which leads me to the conclusion it’s a problem on your end.

Thank you

Hi, it’s worth resetting everything, ensuring you also don’t have any linked R*ng cameras/devices. Then try setting up one cameras schedule first.

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Thank you for clarifying @Socrates99 . We have the team looking into this concern and will report back with more informaiton once available.

Thank you.

Strange thing is they have been following their schedules the last 3 or 4 days. Its like I said it’s just a random thing. At first I thought it was being affected by me having live viewed the camera at some point when the lights were on but that didn’t seem to bother it the last few nights. Maybe it’s randomly fixed itself. Here to hoping!

If you all would get the photocell like behavior programmed so the lights would come on at dusk and off at dawn that would maybe help…hint hint. Wishful thinking…

I hope this post posts. I got a unexpected error a minute ago trying to post. Said notify my administrator or rather yours.

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I am having the same issue with m Floodlights not following a light schedule at night. I have deleted and redone it and I am still having the issue of it not following it every night. Weird part is that it will not follow it one night and then the next night it will go back to working normal again.

It’s actually the same issue as the other thread but your subject is more descriptive. For the other thread, when you manually turn on the light because the app has ignored the Light Schedule, it pops up that the Light Schedule will be paused until the next day. This un-pausing sometimes doesn’t work either as many times, you have to manually turn off the light after you’ve manually turned it on.

But keep this thread if you want.

Have you found a resolution? We have the same issue. The work around I have found is to disable the light schedule, save it, turn the light schedule back on, set the times (since it doesn’t save what they used to be and defaults back to the original values), and save it again. At that point our security light will follow the schedule for some random amount of time, then stop working again. I have ours set to come on at 8:30pm and off t 6:30am. After the last time I reset it I checked it multiple times and it was working. However this morning my wife tells me “the security light is not working again” and sure enough at 6am the lights were off instead of staying on until 6:30am. Who knows when they shut off. I’ve had to reset them no less than 6 times now and who knows how long they are not following the schedule before we realize it is messed up again. I was disappointed that a security light at this cost didn’t have a dusk to dawn feature, but figured using a schedule & adjusting the times a couple of times a year wouldn’t be too bad. However, the light schedule feature is simply buggy and doesn’t work reliably. We NEVER turn the security light on manually, so that is not interfering with the schedule.

No I haven’t found a solution - yet. It behaves similarly to yours in that it will work sometimes for days and days at a time perfectly and then for no apparent reason we will just notice that one of the floodlights is off. I have tried everything from changing schedules around to disabling features, enabling features deleting schedules, making new schedules and nothing. I run mine on a schedule similar to yours which is basically from dusk to dawn. If they included a dusk to dawn feature maybe that would cure our problem. At least we wouldn’t have to continually make minor adjustments to the schedule as the days get shorter or longer. Seems ridiculous that they don’t already have this option.

The ring people have assured me they are working on the lights randomly going off problem and so I’m just hoping they still are at work on it as it’s been a couple of months now and one would think it would have been fixed by now. So I guess we just keep the pressure on the engineers if nothing changes after a bit. It’s a shame as not everyone just wants their lights on when motion is detected, some of us want them on all night or on a schedule plus I really hope they also add a dusk to dawn feature. It already has the light sensor in the fixture. Why it can not control the lights I do not know but it seems odd that there are so few that run their lights all night that they won’t add a dusk to dawn feature. In the absence of that at least fix the lights so they stay on when scheduled to be on. I’m sure they will, like I said they have assured me multiple times they are diligently working on a solution to this problem.