Floodlight Light Activation

I own the Ring Floodlight Plus model (2021 Release), installed at the end of May 2021. There are two issues. (1) My Flood Light camera has recently over the past month started turning on the floodlight when it notices vehicle headlights, even though the light settings are at the minimum, and the recording settings are set for a specific area. None of the light motion zones or recording motion zones is set to record the street. The light motion zone is 15 feet from the street. (2) Another thing, over time the recording of movement becomes erratic over the period of a month, and missing recording of some movements/activities. This issue happens approximately once a month, every month. By re-installing the product this issue has been resolved, but over the five months I’ve owned the product, I’ve needed to re-install four times.

I’m having a similar problem. 2nd Gen Floodlight Cams. We set back about 100 feet from the road. None of the motion zones include the roadway and it has worked without incident for months now. Our neighbors have been complaining about the lights coming on throughout the night but when we checked the footage, we didn’t find any activations. The complaints kept coming so we just sat and watched for about 30 minutes one night. Sure enough, the lights popped on with no camera activation. We’re not sure what is tripping the light but strongly suspect car lights driving past. Not all cars do it and I am confident I’ve caught at least one light activation with no car present. We turned the sensitivity down and the system missed a full sized UPS truck within 15 feet or so from the camera. We turned it up and now we get random camera activations as well. Not all light activations get a camera and not all camera activations get a light. As bad as all this sounds, it’s not just a single device. The 2nd Gen Floodlight Cam on the front of the shop, pointed the same direction, has the same problem(s) and has had the same settings changed from time to time.