Floodlight Installation Junction Box

I have installed a couple of the floodlight cameras with no issue when the junction box was inside the wall.

However I’m now forced to surface mount on an outside wall.

The Ring Floodlight camera plate is 5" across and all pvc and metal conduit boxes are 4".

I’ve attached a photo of the problem. Can anyone give me some ideas on what I can do to prevent rain getting in?

Anybody? Somebody? Ring Staff?

Do Ring Staff even watch these forums?

I need help.

As the Floodlight Camera operates using high voltage wiring, Ring team members are only able to advise on the intended installation steps. Here is our installation Help Center article with video walkthroughs and further details.

We recommend consulting with a qualified electrician if you are unsure or uncomfortable with any of the steps or wiring. You might also find some great recommendations or solutions shared by neighbors here in the Community. :slight_smile:

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My question isn’t about wiring or the steps. It’s about covering up electrical wires.

The floodlight is 5" across but the boxes are 4" across.

Unless Ring has created an invisible force field, the interior will get water inside during when it rains.

I’m asking for ideas on how to combat that - not how to install or how to do the wiring.

HI @othellobloke. As Marley mentioned, since this still involves high voltage wiring, we aren’t able to advise on any DIY solutions that don’t fall under the intended installation steps. Other neighbors who have had a similar situation may share their experience, but we still recommend consulting a qualified electrician in one-off situations like this to ensure everything is handled with your safety in mind.

Okay let me rephrase it then.

Why would Ring make a camera that’s 5" across, recommend a 4" base, knowing full well that 5" of camera base will leave a hole for water to get inside the box?

Why wouldn’t ring make the base 4" across seeing as all circular boxes don’t come bigger than 4"?