Floodlight dawn to dusk schedule - a missing option

I had a very useful discussion with a member of the RING support team.

However, we agreed that there is an important option missing from the Ring control system.

Devices > Floodlight and Camera > Device schedules > Light schedules > add schedule >

 Yes, help me set up a schedule > weekend > keep light off (continue) time frame
 Start – at dusk (or customised Time)
 End - at Dawn (or customised time)

What is missing is the opportunity to turn the lights OFF at DAWN and ON at DUST – subject to motion control.

The only way to create a DWAN to DUSK lights OFF is through manual time.

This changes across the year.

In a suburban setting this is counterproductive.

We do NOT need the floodlight to activate during the day.

What is needed is a START at DAWN and END at DUSK with LIGHTS Scheduled to be OFF.

Can anyone explain howe this can be achieved or suggest a revision to the software control.

Hi @TheoBlock99. For clarification, the lights on your Ring Floodlight Cam should not be coming on with motion detection during the day. This is why there is no Dusk to Dawn setting, as the intended behavior for the lights is that they will only turn on with motion detection when it is dark enough outside. Are the lights on your Floodlight Cam turning on during the day when motion is detected? If so, are the recordings for these events in black and white, or discolored in any way?

I am having this same issue. I would think the lights should not come on during the day but they do. A lot. Having a dawn to dusk option for schedules would help resolve this issue. Sure a manual time can be set but as stated above, time changes throughout the year. Please implement this simple addition into the system