Floodlight Cam's lights not coming on until 5-10 feet away

We installed a floodlight cam a year ago over our garage door. It’s mounted 9 feet from the ground. The lights used to work fine - at night, they would reliably turn on when I stepped into my yard, about 25 feet away. The last few weeks or so, I have noticed that they no longer turn on until I’m about 5-10 feet away. Someone could very possibly try breaking into one of our vehicles without triggering the lights.

The range is set to Max under Motion Zones for Lights, as it always has been, and nothing has touched or moved the camera.

TLDR: Lights used to work as expected. Now they don’t.

Hey there, @kevinponeill! Try cleaning the motion detector for lights located towards the bottom of the Floodlight Camera assembly. Next, check out our Help Center article for controlling the lights on your Floodlight Camera to work best. The actual angle of the Camera is also worth adjusting. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: