Floodlight cams can not be disarmed in mode settings

Can not disarm floodlight cams in mode settings. Anyone having this problem.

Not sure what “mode settings” is. But last night when I was going to bed, I tried to put our system into Home mode and it immediately switch back to Disarmed. Trying again got it to arm in home mode.

Then this morning I could not disarm the system from my phone. Tried several times before walking over to a keypad and disarming it from there.

Hey neighbors! If you are still having a concern with switching into different Modes, whether it be for your Ring Alarm or for your Ring Camera(s)/Doorbell(s), could you try removing the Ring app from your phone, rebooting your phone and then reinstalling the app? Once re-installed, please toggle to Home mode (or a different mode than what you are currently on) and stay in that mode for a minute. Then, toggle back to the Mode you need at that time you are doing this.

From there, ensure the Mode is changing successfully, and if this is in reference to the camera, please ensure your cameras are doing what they should in said Mode that you have it at by walking in front of your devices, or trying to go to the Live View. Let me know how this goes!

Thank you @Chelsea_Ring.
I have been playing around with this for doorbell, floodlight, spotlight for a few months now but finally hit the wall. I can make these mode settings changes on the web/portal and iOS but not on android. I have uninstalled, rebooted my android device 3x with no luck. When I click on the “red icon” nothing happens. When I click on mode settings, I get an error message “our system is experiencing a delay. Our system can’t process your information right now. Please try again.” I look forward to your guidance.

Hi there, @Noobie! As you mention these concerns seem to exist mostly on android, I recommend checking for any android apps that might conflict with the Ring app. Please also ensure there is not a vpn enabled. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you @Chelsea_Ring. I do not have any of those listed apps. I will just have to live with the android issue/conflict then.