Floodlight Camera

Can I install the Ring Floodlight Camera above a dusk-dawn light? We live in a HOA community and are required to have dusk-dawn lights on our front exteriors. I tried contacting customer service but they were no help.

Hey @Vegasgirl, do you have a junction box that is available to be used above the dusk-dawn light that’s already installed? If so, you can then put the Floodlight Cam in the junction box to have it installed and then set up in your app. You can learn more about the requirements for wiring and what it would look like in our Ring Youtube Video here.

In the event that you do not have a junction box or a setup similar to what is required, you may want to look into the Spotlight Cam Battery or Wired (if you have an outlet nearby for it to plug into). Please note that both of these have bright lights on the side, that will go off when they detect motion. This kind of motion detection is based off of PIR motion detection, which means that when it detects a source of heat, the device will trigger to be on. Now, if you have lights that are right below it or above it, these may produce enough heat or reflect off of a nearby surface that can trigger the Spotlight Cam to go off.

Lastly, your third option could be a Stick Up Cam. We do have different options for the Stick Up Cam, whether they are wired or battery operated, which you can learn more about here. I recommend to look at each of the cameras we sell, and see which one works for you. If you do not need additional lights because your already have some in place from your HOA, the Stick Up Cam would be a great option, and you can also angle it so that it won’t have interference from your other lights that always need to be on from dusk-dawn.

With whatever option you end up choosing, I recommend to try before you fully buy. It’s always best to see what fits your needs the most, so if you try a device and do not like it, as long as you’re buying it from Amazon or Ring, we offer a 30 day return policy, which you can learn more about here. Hope all this information helps! :slight_smile: