Floodlight Camera

We’ve had the ring floodlight cam for quite some time. Wireless connection is strong as I installed a router a few feet away. The picture quality is excellent. We’ve even used the audio to have a neighbour close our garage door. The problem is only about half the events are caught. How does it capture us going for a dog walk one day and then not the next. Similarly with cars going in and out of the garage? If I was to rate the device it would only get a 2.5 out of 5.

Any help appreciated.

Have you adjusted your motion sensitivity? The problem I have is I have it set to only trigger on people, but I’m getting triggers of other stuff too. The opposite of your complaint.

No I haven’t adjusted the sensitivity lately. Not sure if it would help given it catches half the events that are similar. E.g., half the people, half the cars, etc…

Hey there, @Nomullies! The best method here would be to trial and error with settings and placement. Optimizing settings and fine tuning placement or angling can really help to obtain the desired functionality. You can learn more about the motion detection on the floodlight camera here and here. I hope this helps! :smiley_cat:

Ok I’ll try to increase the sensitivity and monitor the results. I had it doing people only. Still doesn’t address why it was 50-50 with people and cars. Thanks.

This is what aggravates consumers. We buy the products with the perceived promise that they make our life easier and simpler and safer. Then we have to spend a bunch of time becoming experts with the device and performing “trial and error” and troubleshooting things we think ought to be simple functionality of the product.

Ring should have an asterisk note on their web site that says: “Some customers will experience various, virtually unexplainable issues with Ring products and may have to spend hours upon hours of time troubleshooting a product they thought they would be able to simply purchase, install and use as advertised”

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I’ve recently noticed the same problem. For instance, the snow plow driver didn’t trigger the camera one day that i know he was here where as he has triggered it before. I thought i was capturing all events, but now i am wondering how many I have missed.

Interesting. So my first day with increased sensitivity resulted in some events caught but missed my wife coming home. A car goes right into the garage and shouldn’t be missed. It caught her leaving and me leaving and coming back. So why the miss?

Overall many more events are being captured with the increased sensitivity. However I’m not crazy about looking at squirrels. Still it is much improved.

If you have people mode on it will not sense cars. It looks for the silhouette of a human. If you dont have people mode on then it should sense the car but then you get all the squirrel alerts. Unfortunately neither scenario is perfect. Usually people get out of cars so they would be detected that way. That is how it works for me.

They need option that you can turn on by object type: people, cars, animals.