Floodlight Camera

How do I reset the 2 units I have if they have no reset buttons ?

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I had to correct my reply here. I have the luxury of looking out my window to see the top of the floodlight. There is in fact a circular shape on top of the camera/sensor head. I didnt press mine but if thats the button, it’s there, its just not a very well identified button, you can barely see it and you wont see it at all if you arent looking down on the top of it. From below or even the side you cant see it.

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Great question @32WA110GN! As @Dude stated, there is a button on the top of your Floodlight Camera. This is the same as the setup button. To reset your Camera, please hold this setup button for 20 seconds. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Does turning off power act in the same way as the reset button? It sure would be easier to flip the switch that controls the light than climb a ladder every time it needs reset…and how do we know when we need to reset? If we are having issues, like me having issues with fast activation of live view when I get a motion alert?

I’ve already restarted my phone because I know its always good to do that here and there. Should we reset the device periodically just for device health?

There is NO reset button on the camera !

I circled it in red on this image attached.

Also you can see a finger pressing it in the image at the beginning of this instruction.


Like I wrote before, its almost invisible. You have to look down on the top of the camera to see it.

floodlight cam.jpg