Floodlight Camera Wiring Issue

Looking for an actual wiring diagram (or inside knowledge) on the wiring for the 2019 version of the floodlight camera.

A friend of ours was helping us move and took this camera down for me prior to moving into our new home and the three wires on the left (black/red/white) do not align with any directions or manuals available. The wires look like low voltage wires, and originate directly out of the camera itself. Any manuals only show the traditional black/white/ground wires for install and do not include these wires, hence my question.

If anyone knows where to wire these, I would greatly appreciate your help - thank you!


The wires I am holding come directly out of the camera. The wires for the two floodlights are all still neatly tied together and appear to be undisturbed. Good question though.

Hi @Umichsmith2002. The only wires that you should have to wire up on the back of a Floodlight Cam are the 2 hots and the ground. It appears that the smaller wires should not have been removed. I suggest reaching out to our support team to see if this can be remedied. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

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I contacted Ring support and asked for a more technical wiring diagram in an attempt to figure out where these wires were removed from. Oddly enough, when I connect all three to the hot (black) wire, the camera works, connects to wifi, etc. However, the floodlights remain on at all times - no adjustment to settings, lights, etc. will shut them off. These wires clearly were pulled out of somewhere, and should not have been removed. I agree, only the black/white/ground are the three that I should have to connect, just like I did on a recently purchased new floodlight camera.

Any wiring diagrams on hand would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi @Umichsmith2002. Unfortunately, we do not have sharable wiring diagram documents. I would follow up with our support team to see if this Floodlight Cam would qualify for a warranty replacement.


Hello, I am having the exact same problem. Did you figure out where the red, white & black camera wires connect? Any help is appreciated

Did you ever get an answer to your issue ? I have the same issue.

Did you ever get a solution to your problem. I have the same issue

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