Floodlight camera wired notifications

Hi, on my floodlight camera wired, I have Human detection on.
However at night, even if a spider moves in front of camera or cat or fox movements also trigger alerts which are disturbing at midnight.

I have also noticed that strong winds or heavy rain also sends notifications.

I have people only mode so I should not be receiving these notifications.

Hi @user1281. The Smart Alerts feature allows you to refine your motion alerts with People and Other Motions, however movement close to the camera such as a spider crawling across the lens may still trigger an alert because of how close it is. Some neighbors still prefer to use the Smart Alerts to help differentiate the majority of motion events, but some neighbors may prefer not to use this feature. Everyone’s home and environment is different, so I’d recommend trying it with and without this feature in use to see what works best for you.