Floodlight camera not working with firestick

I’ve enabled the skill in Alexa but when I tell it to show the camera on my firestick is get a “waiting for ring.com” splash page then it just goes back to whatever screen I was on but never shows the camera. Everything else works perfectly fine ring app etc.

Hey @Robg45. You’re able to pull up a Live View on your Ring app without a problem, correct? The Live View may be unable to pull up on your Fire TV if it has a poor connection to your network, as it needs to use the upload speed provided from your network to pull this up, and it may have a hard time connecting. I recommend removing the Ring skill and re-enabling it to see if this helps. In addition, feel free to check out our Community post here for some more tips and tricks to try.

Thank you for the reply, Chelsea. I tried those steps and the steps to the linked page, unfortunately it still doesn’t work. The camera is about 8 feet from the main mesh WiFi access point. Everything works fine but getting it to display on my firetv. The 3 dots below waiting for ring.com load once then my firetv goes back to whatever I was viewing before I asked Alexa to show the camera.

@Robg45 Thanks for getting back to me and letting me know how this went! Have you tried restarting your FireTV or restoring it to the factory default to see if this helps as well? You may need to reach out to FireTV support for further assistance here if it continues to not work on the FireTV, but you can pull up the Live View from the Ring side of things.