Floodlight camera not recording motion during day

We have had the camera for about a month now, and it was mostly working fine. However, for the past 2 to 3 days, I have noticed that the camera does not detect or record motion events during most of the day. It seems to work just fine from about 5:00PM to 10:00PM, but it fails to record any motion during the earlier part of the day (and later at night). I have made sure that motion detection and recording is on, and have turned the sensitivity up to the max. We have the detection field set to almost the max. The camera is hard-wired and has no issues with power or WiFi according to the status screen. I can access live view normally during any time of the day. The camera is pointed at our yard, which has a pool. How do I get the camera to start detecting motion again during this part (which is most of) the day?

Hey @MGriff. It sounds like you may have a Motion Schedule set up during that time frame, which will prevent any notifications from coming through. I’d recommend checking in the Ring App to ensure you don’t have a Motion Schedule set up, which you can review here. Additionally, have you tested the Floodlight Cam during the day to see if it is recording? You can test it by walking in front of it to trigger a motion event.