Floodlight camera never detects a person getting out of a car

Hi there, we recently had a Ring Floodlight Cam Pro installed above our garage door so that we could get notified if someone pulls up in our driveway, e.g. a delivery person. The person detection promised to be exactly what we needed. So we’ve got smart alerts enabled and configured to send us a notification if a person is detected, and not for other motion as there would be way too much noise (e.g. by our cat).

If I walk through the field of vision of the camera, it reliably detects me as a person and I get a notification on my phone. However, the much more likely scenario is that someone pulls up in a car, gets out and walks up to our front door. Unfortunately, I never get a notification about that, because it seems the car pulling up gets registered as “Other motion” and when the person gets out of the car that does not trigger another event with person detection.

So really, the camera is absolutely useless for the purpose we bought it for. Since it’s been professionally installed with silicone I doubt that I can take it back to the shop and get a refund. Super disappointing.

I’m actually wondering if this behaviour is by design or potentially a software bug. Do others see that same behaviour and has it always been like this?

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Yep! We are having the same issue the last few days. Their customer support is phenomenal. I haven’t called them yet because we have company on their way. But they will fix it.

I have just installed a fllodlight camera and I am having exactly the same issue. If a vehicle drives into a motion zone, it does then not detect a person getting out of the car and walking up to the house. I have it set to record all motion, but only alert when a person is detected to avoid cats / rain / snow alerting me all night.

Does anyone have a work around for this?

Unfortunately, there have been similar known problems with Ring doorbells for quite a while. (It’s not necessary to set a Ring app setting to “Person”, however, in order to duplicate the problem.) I have no idea if the problems are related to a particular model of Ring doorbell – or if they affect a number of models.

For example, often, if a vehicle drives toward a Ring doorbell (rather than perpendicular to it), no video clip will be created as the result of the movements of the vehicle and/or the person (after they exit the vehicle). Depending on the Ring app settings for your doorbell… you would probably have a far greater chance of detecting the vehicle if it was driving down the street – even though it would be farther from the doorbell. The same is true if the person was walking down the street, even though they would be farther from the doorbell.

If someone finds a solution to such problems, please post it here for the benefit of Ring Community members who are experiencing similar problems with their Ring product(s).

Hi neighbors, I’d like to step in to offer some clarification. In the example provided of a car pulling up and triggering the motion detection but not sending a second alert because a person gets out of the car, this behavior is intended. Your Doorbell or Security Camera is not going to send multiple alerts for one motion detection event as it is still recording that event.