Floodlight camera loses connection

I have had the ring system for 2 weeks now. Everything was fine until a couple days ago. I have a flood light camera looking out over the driveway and it loses connection when I’m not home. I will have connection all night and soon as I leave to go to work, it drops. It also very seldom reconnects. I’ve called Support a couple times but unfortunately it works when I’m home. It’s hard to troubleshoot when I’m not home. I have also purchased a Chime Pro and it doesn’t seem to be helping. I have a brand new router and getting very good speeds from Comcast. Any ideas?

Hey @fubaracing. When you say that it disconnects, do you mean that you cannot access the Live View, or that the device falls offline? Both could still possibly be related to your upload speeds through your internet at home. It may be a good idea to reach out to Comcast, double check that your upload speeds can handle your Ring and Wi-Fi devices.

Please check out these two articles for more information and additional steps to take:

Ring App is Having Troubles Connecting to the Ring Device and Showing Video and Fixing Your Devices Falling Offline Repeatedly by Adjusting Your Router

In the meanwhile, still keep support updated in the matter so they can follow up properly with you!

I mean that it falls offline. My speeds with Comcast have been very good ever since I got a new router and modem 2 weeks ago. Over 200 down and 10+ up. It seems to be working today but will see if it continues going forward.

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It’s not about your speed. If you put it on your garage it’s likely your wireless router is too far away or there are too many walls weakening the signal. Wireless at distances is always prone to interfence from other wireless networks. I just bought the xFi Pods from Comcast to boost the strength of the wireless signal near my garage (my router is on the back side of my house).

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Quick update: I just installed the Floodlight cameras around my garage. My xfinity router is in the back corner of my house. I put one xFi pod in my garage and it worked like a charm. All of the cameras had RSSI around -43. According to comcast’s website it takes 2-3 days for the xFi pods to determine the optimal path. Worked like a charm!

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