Floodlight Camera Lights no longer trigger on motion

I have a flood light that I can still turn the light on manually, but the motion alerts no longer trigger it. I verified the setting is on for it. I THINK it started after I enabled the Alexa Ring skill but cannot be sure. Any ideas?

Hi there, @RadianWear! The best next step will be to attempt a live view from the Ring app. This is a great way to check if your Floodlight Camera is online and properly communicating with your wifi. Next, check your motion settings, motion schedules, and modes settings (if enabled). If you are unsure whether or not motion is detecting, please check your event history in the Ring app, to see if there are recordings of motion events. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

@RadianWear I’d do a factory reset on the device first, and see if that helps.

Already did this, live view works perfectly I can see the motion is enabled. Motion IS being detected, I am getting alerts. I CAN turn the light on manually. It IS still recording. It is just not turning on when motion is detected.

That should not be necessary but I can certainly try it when it stops raining lol.

@ring this seems to be a common problem, mine stopped working last night. None of the setting have changed, the sensor is picking up movement but not activating the lights. I can manually put the lights on so I know they’re working. Please advise on what the problem is and how to rectify otherwise what was the point of spending £250 on this camera??

Sounds like a bug in the latest update?

and of course out of nowhere it started working again :confused:

Hi neighbors. Happy to chime in here. When checking to see if the lights will be triggered with motion, what is the ambient light outside like? If there is light outside when a motion is detected, the camera will pick up on this and not trigger the floodlights because there is enough ambient light. This behavior can be noticed in the middle of the day when the sun is brightest, motion is detected but the lights do not activate.

If possible, try uploading a picture or video of a motion event where the lights did not activate. This will give the Community a better idea of what might be causing this and we may be able to come up with a solution. :slightly_smiling_face:

Is the Floodlight cam like the battery spotlight cam in terms of if there is any abient lighting at night like a porchlight, it will NOT turn on the floodlight (or spotlight in battery cam) even though you have set it to do so? If so, I have written about this in the past and this should be corrected ASAP Folks have outside lights or porchlights and it is unreasonable to have to mount these cameras in completely dark locations just in order to get the floodlight or spotlight to come on. I believe the floodlight and spotlight feature is a main reason folks are buying these over the doorbell options and we are missing a key expected feature.

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Hi @trail-explorer.

This is correct. If the camera is detecting a sufficient amount of ambient light, the lights on the camera will not activate. I saw that you shared a Feature Request regarding this, be sure to link it here so it can gain traction.