Floodlight Camera Lights coming on constantly

we have two ring video flood lights on the front of our building that turn on and off throughout the night without apparent movement (sensitivity in the app sent to min) and NO activation of the camera. based on my experience with ring’s (so-called) technical support (a foreign call center) they ALWAYS tell me the same thing: reset the video flood light to factory defaults, but their ‘fix’ DOESN’T WORK. after exhaustive troubleshooting with ring technical support two months ago, they were unable to fix the issue and sent us two replacement video flood lights (installed at an additional cost to us of $240) but the lights still turn on with no movement nor camera activation. the lights turning on and off all night are disturbing my neighbors and it’s a huge waste of energy.

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Hi neighbors, happy to clarify things here. The lights on your Floodlight Cam will turn on every time they detect motion as long as it is dark enough outside. If you find that the lights on your Floodlight Cam are turning on frequently throughout the night, you can adjust the motion areas that trigger the lights. We have more information on the settings for the lights here. If this continues to happen after adjusting the settings, there may be something nearby the Floodlight Cam that is causing the motion detection to consistently trigger.

yes passing traffic in my case

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