Floodlight Camera light sensitivity

Does anyone know where you can change sensitivity of the actual floodlight (not camera) as turning itself on when moth/fly or other insect near it.

Have looked everywhere I can find but all can find is the sensitivity of the camera sensor not the floodlight part.

Hi there, @whydoIbother! There certainly is a way to adjust your Floodlight Camera’s light zones. While logged in on the Ring app open the menu, select Devices, choose your Floodlight Camera, and tap it’s Device Settings tile. Under this Device Settings area you should see Light Settings, which will contain the option to adjust your light zones “distance”. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

@Marley_Ring … no, not on about zones am on about sensitivity (camera has sensitivity, can set to people only and so moths etc do not activate camera recording but the lights do not appear to have this option and so go on and off overnight when there is a moth etc and gets a bit annoying and no doubt neighbours could start complaining)

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Thank you for the further clarification, and I can confirm there are no further light settings for fine tuning, outside of what is already available. This is great feedback and would make for an excellent feature request! Feel free to add this request on our Feature Request Board. This way, other neighbors can vote and share their same interest in one place, that we can then continuously share with our teams. :slight_smile:

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@Marley_Ring … I posted last message in the Feature Request board why was it moved here ??

Stupid post system must have posted it elsewhere as couldn’t post without adding tags … why do I have to add more tags … need to remove the tag idea completely if going to end up with post in completely different place than it was meant to be for

Sorry about that, @whydoIbother! Let me move this over to the Feature Request section for you, and thank you again for the feedback. :slight_smile: