Floodlight camera goes offline everyday

My floodlight camera goes offline every day during the same window of time. It’s inaccessible and will not connect. It disconnects every morning at around the same time and reconnects itself again in the evening around the same time each day.
I can’t find anything in settings to address this.
The router and internet speed/connection are great. There are no obstructions. It works perfectly at all other hours if the day.

Hi @Christine0924. Since this is happening at the same time every day, I’d suggest checking the settings on your router to see if there are any automatic resets or reboots that may be happening. If you need help reviewing the settings on your router, you can reach out to your internet service provider. If you don’t see anything that could be causing the Floodlight Cam to disconnect, try setting up a guest network on your router and connecting only the Floodlight Cam to that to see if it helps.

I have the same issue and there are no automatic reboots for my service. I recall that floodlight replaced and older security light that was set to operate from dusk to dawn. I down know if that has any impact on my light. I will have to call an electrician.

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