Floodlight camera gets water in lights

I have installed floodlight camera under eave. I got significant water in both lights. Ring sent replacement. For install of replacement, I used rubber grommets around wiring and caulking anywhere I thought water may be able to get into floodlight housing. But it happened again. See pic. Any recommendations on how to prevent before I install another one for third time?image|666x500

Hi @user3390. Since there is water damage to your replacement Floodlight Cam, you’ll want to follow up with our support team so they can help take care of this. They may also have some advice on installation to help avoid any water damage. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

I’m looking at your photo trying to figure out how water is getting into the lights. They both look like they are under the eave. Do you have heavy winds combined with rain? Are you saying you actually caulked around the floodlight lens? I would avoid doing that.

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In NC, so don’t get any winds out of the ordinary. I caulked around the outside of the floodlight where it connects to the eaves cam. Used a grommet for the hardwiring and caulked around grommet for extra protection. But I still get water in the lights. Camera works fine but due to water, the lights eventually get flooded and not operational. Ring did just send me a replacement but before I install for third time, I was hoping for advice on what I may be doing wrong. I’m hoping maybe a waterproof eaves cam will help but feel I am missing a step if not many people have the same issue.

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We’re having the same issue with water in the lights! About to receive our 3rd camera due to this issue and looking for a solution before the next install.