Floodlight camera difference between motion detection and motion alerts

When I enter my device I have two options, one is Motion detection and the other is motion alerts. Unfortunately the manuals are outofdate and only show the motion alerts features.

I would like to know the difference between both.

Glad you asked, @ignaciotex! The Motion Detection toggle is indeed a newer feature and is for disabling or preventing motion from being detected. When this toggle is disabled motion will not record, thus it should also not notify. The Motion Alerts toggle, on the other hand, is only to disable the alerts coming from a motion detection, in which the motion event will still record, depending on subscription status. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks Marley, this explanation helps.
I have been working with this configurations and the problem I found is that I would like to have detection always active but alerts only on Home and Away modes.
The issue is that from modes I cannot make a difference on alert or detection, I can enable or disable both at once. So I have had to disable both, alerts and detections, when the alarm is disarmed because if not I get alerts every time I go to the backyard. I would like it to keep always recording but only alert on Home and Away. I think battery cameras work this way, I don’t know why hardwired cameras don’t.