Floodlight Camera did not catch a Car Break-in

Our car got broken in this morning at 6am on May 7th in Melbourne, but the flood cam did not catch it. It did not record any footage since 3:30pm on May 5th. However, there is a long footage showing in the app which I could not access to. Please help!

Hey @JeanneZ. What error message are you getting when you try to access this footage? Is the camera showing as online in the app, and recording events from today, or pulling up the Live View?

No message from the app to tell me what’s wrong and it was not recording for two days since 4pm May 5th.
It’s working fine now however, the police needs the footage at 3-7am yesterday on May 7th at Australia Eastern time.
If you could check from your side, that will be great. Thanks.

@JeanneZ My apologizes, but as we are a neighbor to neighbor support forum, I am unable to take a look into your account and see specifics on your device and your history. If you need this support, you will need to give our support team a call here. I do greatly encourage this either way for you, especially in the case that your device is still reporting unavailable footage.