Floodlight cam


Having experienced poor sound quality from my floodlight cam for a while now. (Spoke to ring before)
The same camera now will not maintain connection to the Internet so will not record. It went offline today at 12 and I have switched it on and off. This did nothing. I have then reset it twice through the reconnect to wifi option. This worked briefly and then 2 minutes later, it went offline again.
I do have 2 other cameras and 2 ‘chimes’ and they are all fine, but I cannot get the floodlight cam working. Please advise as I want to be able to see things through my camera.

Hi @etaylor123. Considering the concerns you have had with poor audio quality (related normally to network concerns) and knowing that you are now having a concern with the device staying connected, I recommend you reach back out to our support team via phone here. You have done your due diligence in troubleshooting by trying to reconnect it and ensure power is good to the device, so our support team can follow up on the previous and new concern with the device to see if they can get it back up and running for you! Please let me know how this goes, as this may help another neighbor that may have a similar concern in the future! :slight_smile: