Floodlight cam won't go into setup mode.

Camera lost wifi connection and I try to reinstall it to solve the issue but it won’t go into setup mode. Battery charged and I went through the troubleshooting list but no sign of life.

Hi @Bernard1, have you tried resetting the device? You can achieve this by pressing and holding the setup button for about 30 seconds. After this, give the device a few moments to see if it boots back up. If there is still no sign of life even after pressing the setup button again, please reach out to our support team here for further troubleshooting!

I received a code for a discount on a replacement camera since the warranty expired. When trying to order a replacement, there is nowhere where I can enter the code for the discount.

@Bernard1 For entering the discount code, you will need to make sure the item you are purchasing is in your cart and you’ve proceeded to checkout. Once you proceed to checkout, you will arrive to a page that will ask for contact information to start the process of checking out. From there and on the right hand side of your screen, under the product you’ve selected, you will see “Gift Card or Discount Code.” This will be where you enter your code. Hope this helps!

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I went through the motions and did not see any options for the code and before I knew it, the order was placed with full payment. Trying to cancel order.

@Bernard1 No worries, if you’re able to reach back out to our support team, they will be able to either cancel the order (if it has been within 90 minutes of placing it) or help address a way to possibly credit back what you would’ve gotten as a discount. Our support team is great with following through to keep your best interest in mind.