Floodlight Cam with Mesh network - poor RSSI

I have a TP Link Deco M9 mesh network which works well. I recently installed 2 Floodlight Cam’s outside and on one of the cameras, the RSSI was very poor. Fluctuating between 69 and 72.

I purchased and installed a new mesh node on the inside wall, no more than 15ft from the camera. On my phone, I have 5 bars of Wifi when I position the camera beside the Floodlight Cam so I know for a fact that the signal should be excellent.

I have disabled Mesh technology (roaming) for the Floodlight Cam and ensured that it is connecting to the nearest node but the RSSI is still 69. It rarely goes below this number.

I have tried to factory reset the Floodlight cam a few times (by holding the button for 30 seconds and up to a minute). The support articles say that the bottom light should flash a few times but it does not. The main lights turn on for about 20 seconds and then turn off. Can you please advise on the correct procedure for performing a factory reset of a Floodlight Cam.

Also, I am in Ireland and your contact number on this page is invalid: https://support.ring.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360036196372-Get-in-Touch#store-call-us

Hi @JohnMc. Thanks for taking the time to detail this concern on the Community! It does seem like your Floodlight Cam is having a hard time doing the reset, as well as keeping a stable and strong connection. You can learn more about the signal strength and others ways you can improve it in our Help Center Article here. In the event you still find no relief in this, I do recommend still being in touch with our support team directly.

Our number for Ireland is [00 800 87 00 97 81](tel:00 800 87 00 97 81), is this the number you’re calling? If so, when you are calling this number? The phone support for this line is available from 6AM-5PM CET, from Monday to Sunday. Please ensure you are calling during these times to get in touch with our support team directly!