floodlight cam with Amzon Echo Dot?

Amazon packaged the Echo Dot along with the purchase of the floodlight cam, but I havent found how it works with the Echo Dot.

Anyone know what can be done using the Echo Dot (essentially just a small Alexa device) with the Ring Floodlight Cam?

I have no experience with using Alexa…always creeped me out.

You can do some stuff. You can get notified of motion and or door bell ring. I think you can communicate with the people outside as well. You can also get other notifications from other cameras and such. The only issue I have with the Alexa notifications is that it does not follow the schedule you set for notifications on the Ring app. So it can get annoying. The echo shows to me are much better since I can see any cam I need to. Also a Fire TV device places a full screen view on my TV.
Here is a link that should help you set it up and understand what it’s capable of.

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Thanks for your reply, I had read the applicable stuff to my floodlight camera on the site where you linked me, and was further wondering what other folks may have accomplished. I appreciate any and other experience with this from other users as well. Especially any experience with the Echo Dot which doesn’t have video…although this may make me look in to an Alexa video device. The whole concept has always kind of creeped me out but i’m warming up to it.

Amazon told me at least one of my Firesticks is compatible. Problem is we rarely use the firesticks!..and I’m sure one would have to actually be watching the Firestick in order for the Ring or Alexa to show the camera view on the TV. My Smart TV is an early version and its not so smart, but if I keep this floodlight cam I may try to see if the Ring App will install on it. I’d really like to have the video pop up on the TV but we watch Dish Network 95% of the time and that integrates with Netflix and we rarely use Amazon Prime because there is just not a lot of content I like that we haven’t already seen.