Floodlight cam wired pro stops recording for several days

I’ve been using a floodlight cam wired pro for about a year, the WiFi strength wasn’t great so I added a chimney pro, now both devices report as good signal strength. About a week ago I realised I hadn’t had any notifications for 2 or 3 days, I checked the app and nothing had recorded for those days, I couldn’t connect to live view either so ended up re-adding the chime and cam to our other network . It worked after this for about a week, again yesterday I realised it has stopped recording for a few days again, live view seemed not to be working but suddenly started again , so seems to have fixed itself. I don’t know what’s up with it.

Hi @Jongotham. Have you tried triggering a test motion event when you notice there are no motion events? I’d recommend checking the RSSI on your Floodlight Cam if it’s not recording motion when you trigger a test motion event. You can find more information on the RSSI in our Community Post here. The RSSI is a measure of your Floodlight Cam’s connection strength with your wifi network. If the RSSI is on the higher end, it could impact your Floodlight Cam’s ability to record motion.