Floodlight Cam Wired Pro QR code and pin code rubbed off and now I can't connect device

Does anyone have any solutions?

I had an electrician wire up 6 cameras for me a year ago, however two of the cameras ended up being slightly out of range of WiFi to complete the set up process. As it wasn’t urgent at the time I hadn’t found a solution to this until recently. I’ve just climbed on the roof to set them up, and the QR code sticker has just eroded. Interestingly the bar code and product code are absolutely fine, but the things I need which are the QR code and the pin number are gone. I also no longer have the boxes they came in, I think the electrician disposed of them when he wired them.

I’ve called the support team and they’ve told me that there isn’t anything they can do, and that I just have to buy new cameras, which is just a complete joke. How can the entire set up process rely on a sticker that erodes?