Floodlight Cam Wired Pro Only Stays on for 1 Minute After Being Triggered by Linked Devices

I have three Floodlight Cam Wired Pros and two Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2s.

The Linked Devices preferences for each doorbell and floodlight cam are set to turn on the other floodlights when motion is detected. The problem is that the motion triggered through linked devices only keep the floodlight cam pros on for 1 minute even though I have all the floodlight cams set to 3 minutes in each of their preference settings (Light Settings > Motion Zones for Lights > Auto Shutoff Timer > After motion, keep the lights on for: 3 minutes.

When motion is detected in any of the Ring devices, I want all the lights to remain on according to their individual motion settings (3 minutes) instead of shutting off after 1 minute.

Hi @mgreen. A Linked Event is a different action for the Cameras compared to when they individually detect motion. Therefore, the lights will only stay on for one minute on your Cameras when they are activated by a Linked Event, and the one-minute auto shut off for a Linked Event can not be changed. The auto shut off timer for the lights you have adjusted will work when the Cameras detect motion separately. I hope this clarifies your concern.