Floodlight Cam Wired Pro - distorted audio after resetting

Evening all. After I have reset my Floodlight Cam Wired Pro I am having issues with setting it up again. The audio that plays to say it is in setup mode is now about 0.25x speed and the pitch of the voice is very low. In addition, the flashing light on top of the unit is flashing at about 0.25x the speed it would normally do. It seems as though the whole unit is working 0.25x what it should be. And after setting up, the video itself is double the speed despite the time along the bottom bar being in normal time. When I look at myself walking around the garden I appear to be walking at twice the speed. This is not simply a connection issue as the distorted setup audio from the speaker happens immediately after reset. I have another Cam Pro out the front without any issue. Thanks

Hi @ere106. Do you have a video of this happening? I’d like to be able to share this with my team. Alternatively, you can send us a private message on Facebook @Ring and we can look into this for you. Thank you.

Did you ever get this resolved? The same is happening with mine. I wired mine up and it was working perfectly. The power was on a switch inside the back door. I accidentally switched it off and killed power to the camera. I flipped it back on and after it rebooted it now has terrible video quality and very low, pitched, slow audio.

Hi @JeffWigginton. As previously mentioned, a video of this happening will help. You can also share a screen recording. What is the RSSI for this device? RSSI can be found in the Device Health menu.

I am also having the same issue. My RSSI is 75. Which doesn’t make sense. I have 3 other ring devices,
one of which is further away and they have better WiFi. We could attribute the lagging video on poor WiFi but why would the set up voice be playing at a super slow speed and the light blinking like it just took a Xanax? It feels like device issue. Nothing has changed at my house, same WiFi same everything.
Please help, I don’t want to spend money on a new one…this is my family’s security. I don’t have a screen recording of the slow set up voice.

Hi @user69628. I would recommend first fixing the poor signal strength on your Camera and then taking it from there. This Help Center page will give you steps to try to fix a weak signal on your Ring device.