Floodlight Cam Wired Pro Behaves Erratically After Power Loss

Just purchased a Floodlight Cam Wired Pro. Worked flawlessly until my house experienced a short duration loss of power (happens frequently in my area due to lots of mature trees). The loss of power was very short (1-2 seconds). When power returned the floodlights began to strobe very rapidly. The cam would not respond to a press of the reset button. I had to open the circuit breaker for the home circuit that contained the cam. After de-energizing the cam for 5 minutes the unit powered up and detected motion but would not send notifications.

Contacted Tech Support and after an hour was able to correct the situation by pressing the cam reset button, going through the setup and then resetting the wifi connection. Tech Support communicated to me this behavior after a loss of power is normal for this product and a fix is being investigated!

Such behavior after a power loss is unacceptable. I bought the unit for security while away from home. No one would be around to manually reset the device. Having the flood lights strobe endlessly after a loss of power while I’m away is a red flag that the home is unoccupied.

The unit is being returned.

Hi there, @aveo2010! Our devices should not behave any way after a power loss, however, there are times where it will automatically reconnect, and times where it might not. After a power loss to your Floodlight Camera, if auto reconnection to your network does not occur, please reconnect your Ring device by following the steps in this help center article.

As for power and wiring, if a concern is power related, our support team is unable to provide troubleshooting for power on high powered Cameras such as the Floodlight Camera. A power cycle (switching power off/ then back on) is a normal troubleshooting step for most of our devices, if needed. Again, the Floodlight Camera should connect without this step being necessary. If power is not dependable for any reason, we normally advise consulting with a qualified electrician. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I had the same issue with my new Floodlight Pro Wired and I think the power was cut while the lights were on. On re power it would just strobe and camera would not reconnect. I powered it down for 24hrs and then it worked ok. Certainly not a good start.