Floodlight cam wired plus not activating previously mounted/wired in lights


I previously had a motion sensor above my garage with 3 lights wired into it that would be activated by the motion sensor. I bought the floodlight cam wired plus and asked a Ring representative numerous times if this was wired in place of the prior sensor, would it activate the existing lights as well as the built in ones. They repeatedly told me yes.

Well lo and behold I installed it today, and while the built in floodlights and camera are working, the already mounted lights that ran of the prior sensor are not activating.

So the wiring setup is clear: the existing lights all had wiring that led directly to this sensor. The wiring for the lights went to a junction box on the inside of my garage (just above the garage door) and wires exited that junction box poked through my exterior drywall and connected to the motion sensor.

So essentially all I did was remove the sensor and exposed the 3 wires (red/black/green) and I wired in the Ring floodlight cam directly using those same exposed wires. There was no other visible wiring.

When the Ring sensor triggers the built in lights, the already mounted lights that are supposedly wired in do not do anything.

I really wanted all these lights to work so am very dismayed – not only is it aesthetically better (now there are 3 external light fixtures outside that just don’t do anything), it was also functionally better. the layout of the garage/exterior lights also means that those lights provide light where the Ring floodlight does not.

So, is there ANY WAY to get the Ring camera to activate these lights that wire into the junction box the way I was told?

Hi @fahmad42. The motion sensor on the Floodlight Cam will only activate the Floodlight Cam lights. I’m not sure why you would be told this, or if there was a misunderstanding, but the Floodlight Cam cannot trigger non-Ring devices to activate unless they are smart devices. If they are smart devices, they can possibly be triggered via an Alexa routine. To see what is needed for your electrical setup, I suggest contacting a qualified electrician.