Floodlight Cam will not turn off automatically after 30 seconds

Installed a Floodlight cam about a week ago

(1) Floodlights stay on longer than 30 second user selected option in Ring App

(2) Floodlights come on too often

(3) How to keep Floodlights from coming on - Looking for a permanent Floodlight Turn Off Option and a permanent Floodflight Turn On option

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Hey @howard3010. You may need to adjust the Motion Zones for the lights on your Floodlight Cam, as the area may be too large and sensitive, which is setting off the lights constantly for you. You can learn more about how to do that in our Help Center Article here. In the event you want to completely disable the lights from turning on, you will turn off all 3 Motion Zones for the lights and therefore it will be unable to turn on! You will need to ensure you turn them back on when you want the lights to turn back on from motion detection.

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