Floodlight Cam: what is the voltage of the the attached LED floods?

I want to disconnect them from the Ring Cam and wire them to a timer or photocell so that they are on all night but am unsure if they are fed by low voltage from the cam itself or just line voltage (120v ac).

BUMP: does the tech department of Ring monitor these posts?
I figured I would have an answer by now.

TY, yes i beat it to death online: no info.
Sorry, I though this site had both users and tech support.
I have to do this anyway, but was trying to avoid going up and taking it down just to see.
Once I look at the wiring inside I’ll probably be able to tell.
If not, I will disconnect the floods and test them.
I will bring 2 other line voltage floods just in case the ring floods blow up :wink: