Floodlight Cam video questions

I just installed 4 of the floodlight cameras around my house today. Had a few questions:

  • How long does the video record when triggered by motion? Is it configurable?

  • Are there delays between motion events? For example, If there is a motion right now and its recorded will the motion trigger again right after the video ended if more motion happens? I know the Ring Doorbell 2 has a frequency setting that forces a 30 second, 15 minute or 30 minute quiet time between motion events. Do the floodlight cams have this?

  • If the camera detects a motion do the lights always come on? It sure seems like the camera records sometimes when the lights are off.

thanks for the help!

I got an answer from chat support on these. Thought I would share:

  • Recordings are 30 seconds long

  • There is 1 minute gap between recordings (for example, if a guy jumped up and down in front of the camera for 5 minutes you would get — 30 second recording; nothing for 1 minute; 30 second recording; nothing for one minute; repeat)

Didn’t get a clear answer on the last bullet - gave up :confounded:

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Hey @CrazyCat, thank you so much for sharing these answers you got with the Community! In reference to your last bullet point, please check out this help article for more information, as it may answer your question for you.