Floodlight Cam Video is pink / purple during daytime

My floodlight cam is pink / purple during the daytime. I have turned the device off at the breaker AND at the switch both of which did not change anything. I have also cleaned the camera lens to make sure there wasn’t anything on it causing a distoration. The device health is good and the system status is all operational. Can anyone give me any tips on what else I can try?

Hi there @judysekulow! Have you tried doing a reset on the device? You can reset the device by holding down the setup button for 20 seconds. Once the reset is complete, test another event and check the video. Also, for a complete power cycle like you’ve attempted, you will need to turn off the circuit breaker for at least 10 seconds, then turn it back one. After that, give the camera 2 minutes to power up. If the video is still not the correct color, give our support team a call at 1-800-656-1918 for further troubleshooting!

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Does anyone know why my flood light shows a pink color on the videos? I have multiple cameras and this is the only one that does it. It happened two weeks ago and changed back to normal. Now, it has happened again.

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Having the same issue with my floodlight. Tried flipping breaker, pushing button on top of unit for 30 seconds, removing and readding camera to app, and cycling color night vision on/off.

None of that will work Ring replaced my floodlight

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My Ring Flood Cam now has a pink (3/4 display) display. I tried resetting the camera but it didn’t make a difference. Any solution available?

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I have the same issue. 1/2 of the image from the camera is pink. resetting device did not fix.

My security camera started turning purple today. I tried all I could as described above. This seems to be a common problem. Ring needs to send out an update! Too expensive to have this happen after only one month.

Hello! I just notice the same purple but only at night. Does anyone know if it’s ok? Look the video when I turn on the light there is no purple but when I set it off it seems to get back.

Here is the link Ring #AlwaysHome

Feedback is appreciated.

Just read thru approx. 130 something posts on this from the forum and, believe it or not, most people with the pink/purple view problem solved it by tapping on the side of the camera. Seems there is a IR shutter on the face of the unit that sticks and the tapping frees it up. Having the same problem with a doorbell pro and am going to see if it works for it. Look for the other post with over 138 answers and read for yourself. If I can find it again I’ll post where it was. Tap on the side with the problem…


Mine was showing pink for about 1/3 of the screen. Went outside and tapped on it - left side, right side, top, bottom. Some of the pink disappeared. Tapped on it again and got the rest to go away. Reviewed the video and seems it works best to tap on the side of the camera where the video is clear to get the shutter to close.

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LOL - this was the ONLY thing that worked for me! Who knew slapping around your “bouncer” would get it to work right!


TinTrib’s suggestion worked! After frustrating calls with Ring techs (They’re all worthless) and they know very well what the solution is which is to whack it with a rubber mallet! Tapping did not work for us but another thread for the same problem said the guy had to hit it hard then it started working normally. So a stupid person armed with a rubber mallet would go out to their floodlight cam and whack it with the mallet and bust it right off the mount! (This is why Ring support won’t tell you to do this)
So a SMART person armed with a rubber mallet would go out to their floodlight cam and whack it with the mallet AFTER THEY PUT THEIR HAND ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE CAMERA to back it up so you don’t break it clean off! For us we had to hit the unit from the right side. First hit pretty hard cleared it half way. (Half Purple/Half Normal) Second hit did nothing. Third hit cleared it up completely! We’ll post more if it comes back. Anyhow make sure you put your other hand on the other side of the cameral so you don’t break it right off. And don’t worry about hitting it too hard. We’re in the electronics business and everything these days is Solid State so you’re not gonna break anything. If it became a regular problem and you had to do this monthly? Yes it would probably destroy the cam so you have to buy a new one. Anywhooooo we’ll keep you posted if it returns!

I know I’m a little late on this one. But I just had this problem the past several months. I ended up calling customer service finally, today. After over 90 minutes of troubleshooting the representative just had me smack the right side of my floodlight and it fixed the problem. No more purple haze. I really with I knew that months ago. :unamused:

This is my question as well. Mines is constant though

It worked after smacking it several times. Thanks

That! :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::skull: who would have knew

I tried all the fixes suggested here. Resetting, whacking it with a mallet etc. nada! Still purple/pink live view daytime.
Any actual fixes that worked from the Ring support team

I tapped the camera hard on left side as you face the camera and it fixed the purple screen problem. Only had to tap it two or three times

I have the same problem with one of my wired floodlight devices. It appears that the green sensor stopped working. On 8/3/2022 I spoke with a support person who ordered a warranty replacement. Almost two weeks later I am still waiting for this replacement to be shipped. It appears that the warranty replacement team does not have products available to replace defective devices. It might be time to look for a different product/company for future purchases.