Floodlight Cam Vehicle Detection

Hello Community, I wonder whether anyone could provide some advice please. So, I have a really dark driveway and need to add some floodlights to light my way when reversing my car into the drive. If I purchase the Ring Floodlight Cam, will the PIR detect my vehicle as I reverse into my driveway and activate the floodlights so that I can see where I am going? I have seen mixed reviews about this and can’t seem to find a concrete answer, and some say it only detects people. I would also like to use the camera and floodlight for security, but not have it activating for cats and foxes all night. Does anyone else have this setup? I am concerned that the PIR will only detect people and not my vehicle, so it would be pointless for what I want to use it for. Thank you.

Hi @Lee1974. This will really depend on if your device is mounted properly. With it positioned properly, it should detect your driving in/out and turn on your lights. I have a Floodlight Cam mounted about my garage and it detects my truck pulling in and turns on the lights. You can learn more about proper positioning here.