Floodlight cam turns off every night at 10:30pm

I’ve had this installed for several years, with the floodlights being on at night and off in the morning. . All of a sudden it started turning off the lights every night at 10:30PM. If I turn them on manually, they stay on until the end of the schedule and then turn off. I have deleted the schedule, turned off power to the light, setup new schedules, but even with the brand new schedules the light is doing the same thing. My next plan is to setup a schedule for each hour and have it turn on the light. Is there anything else to try? Will my ‘ring protect plan’ do anything to get this replaced if needed?

rjward -

Are you referring to Light Schedule problems associated with a Ring Floodlight Cam (1st Gen) device?

If so, it might be helpful if you move your post to the following thread so that as many posts as possible regarding these issues are all in one place:

Thank you - I just posted in that thread as well.